I Have Rosacea

I have rosacea. As a pharmacist, I have endlessly researched what works and what doesn't work. Don't spend your money on books that claim to have a cure...I'll share what I've learned for free.

Hi, my name is Stacy. I have had the typical redness and bumpiness since college, but I didn’t know I had it then. My dermatologist at the time called it “perioral dermatitis” and prescribed topical antibiotics like erythromycin for it. That worked great, and whenever it came back, I used the antibiotics again.

Ten years later when I complained to a co-worker about a little pimple outbreak on my chin, she said, "Maybe it's rosacea." The horror! I said, very quickly, “No, I don't--I have perioral dermatitis.” In my mind, my coworker might as well have said I had cancer. At that time, I was a lot young and a lot more vain than I am now, which is why I over-reacted to what she said.

All my dermatologists along the way just nodded when I said I had “perioral dermatitis.” They kept prescribing the topical antibiotics for me. Then finally one of them let me in on the secret--perioral dermatitis was just another name for rosacea. I almost cried. I had an incurable skin condition? No!!

Since this disorder doesn't kill you, I gradually came to terms with it, and I have tried a variety of things over the years to keep it under control. I have been having monthly flare-ups lately, but I blame it on eating too much bread recently. I wanted to share what I have learned about it, treatments, and how to deal with it.

There are a variety of prescription drugs to use on your skin that might work, and there are also some over-the-counter treatments. Even diet can matter for some people, including me. Some of us have a limited budget to spend on our skin, so I have dug around to find cheap or even free options.

Welcome to my website! I hope you learn something useful. Feel free to contact me with what works for you, too.