Preventing flareups

Preventing flareups is the goal of treating rosacea since you can't cure it, and it's harder to treat a flare-up once it happens.

If you're using one of the prescription drugs, like Metrogel, you have to use that even when you have no signs of rosacea. It's easier to prevent a flareup than it is to get rid of one.

I have found that my diet has a strong influence on my skin condition. The well-known triggers, like spicy food, hot food, and red wine, are not really my triggers. Instead, for me, it's wheat, or gluten, and sugar. I rarely eat bread, and I switched to rice pasta.

I am also looking at specific supplements that may help, like astaxanthin. Also, fish oil is helpful to decrease inflammation in your body.

Speaking of inflammation, I have found that "grounding" is helpful, not just for rosacea, but for my health overall.

What you put on your face can also affect your skin. The gentler the product is, the better. Getting really aggressive with your skin, just like with acne, can make it worse. Believe me, I know how tempting it is to throw everything at a flareup, but being gentle and patient is the best idea. Avoiding things you know aggravate your skin is what you have to do.

This includes makeup. When I have a flareup, I have to cover it somehow, right? But some makeup makes it worse, like certain preservatives. I searched long and hard to find what does not bother my skin, and that's what most of us have to do because all of us have different triggers.

I also believe that you have to minimize the chemicals in your home. Making your own natural cleaners is easy and will decrease all the fragrances and potentially inflammatory chemicals around your house.

Some people will say not to worry about it, but when you have a red patch on your face, how could you ignore that? Or the constant red bumpiness between my eyebrows? Pay attention to what seems to make it worse, and then have a trial period where you avoid whatever it is. Preventing flareups will be a life-long effort, but it can get easier if you figure out what causes your problem.

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