Night mineral treatments for rosacea

Night mineral treatments for rosacea can help you wake up less red, but I think there are some hyped-up claims out there.

There's nothing better than waking up to a face that isn't red or splotchy. Some women talk about "good hair days," but for me, a good face day is way better.

For that reason, I tried using mineral nighttime products. I was skeptical that putting on a powder at night would do anything for me, and I was concerned it would give me pimples. I have the perfect storm of rosacea plus lingering adult acne, made worse by hormones at times. I was both worried and optimistic about trying a nighttime powder.

But I figured that it couldn't block my pores more than a cream could, so I gave it a go.

I was really surprised that it has eliminated these little colorless bumps I got on my cheeks and temples, and I am a lot less red now in the mornings on my nose and cheeks.

As far as any lines, though, I can't say that the night mineral treatment powder has done anything about those. I don't believe the "anti-aging" claims that some of them make. I think that to smooth out wrinkles, a product needs to either exfoliate or plump them up, and I haven't come across a powder that does that. I think the most these can do is decrease irritation and dry up pimples.

All these night powders are not the same. I know that Bare Minerals has a redness treatment aimed at rosacea. It has a bunch of amino acids, colloidal oatmeal, and lastly zinc oxide. They reference vaguely "soil minerals," but that is far too vague to evaluate--where did the soil come from because soil varies depending on the source? In general, though, soil may contain sulfur, magnesium, calcium, clay, manganese, and nitrogen. I think if it works at all, it's due to the oatmeal and zinc oxide, which are both soothing. However, it has mica, which can be abrasive for some people. I also think that, for the money, you can find something cheaper and better.

I have used Larenim's Dusk til Dawn Recovery, and I liked it. It was also rather pricey. It contains niacinamide, which can decrease redness, kaolin clay (good for acne), zinc oxide, green tea extract and kigelia africana.

I think that if you also have acne, a powder with some sulfur might help. There is one from Faerie Organic that has sulfur.

And Aromaleigh offers a nighttime product. It has silk powder, antioxidants and zinc oxide as some of the ingredients. It also contains titanium dioxide, however, and I can't use that.

There are a lot of possible night mineral treatments to try, including some mineral finishing powders. Even though they're not labeled as "night" powders, just check out the ingredients. If I have a pimple or a rosacea spot, I take my finger and add a bigger dab on the spot, and often in the morning, it's smaller and less red. I also put it all over my face after the Retin-A micro with a gentle brush.

I don't think these replace good nutrition or all other treatments for rosacea, but they can help.