Laser skin treatment for rosacea

Laser skin treatment for rosacea is an expensive option, but it may have dramatic results. I had a friend who got V beam, and she looked great.  She admitted that she spent a lot on the treatments, hoping for a permanent cure.  She said it felt like sharp rubber bands hitting her over and over, but the results were apparent in just a few days.  

It is a really confusing subject to dig into the various laser treatments available. Let's start by talking about what laser is.

Laser is an acronym: Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation. All lasers are light--the difference is what wavelength they use and whether they are continuous or pulsed mode.

Lasers are so commonplace, you don't even realize that you probably use them every day. The bar code reader at the Target store is a laser, just as CDs and DVDs are read by lasers. It is all a matter of the wavelength the laser is using. Those are obviously not very useful for treating rosacea.

Types of lasers for rosacea treatment

Laser treatment for rosacea is highly promoted, probably because there are so many of us who have it, and because it's expensive. There are several variations: intense pulsed light (IPL), pulsed dye laser, and V beam.

IPL uses a spectrum of light, going deeper and targeting blood vessels in the skin, which makes it good to remove visible blood vessels and spider veins. It can cause bruising.

Pulsed dye laser can go various depths depending on the machine and the operator. This is good to remove thickened skin.

V beam is a pulsed dye laser that uses one wavelength. It is good for redness.

Now these are all generalities about laser skin treatment for rosacea. For some people, IPL seems to do nothing and V beam is great. I think some of that depends on the skin of the operator. I would go to a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon for treatment, not an aesthetician. After all, these are lasers, and they can cause damage, too. I know that an aesthetician is likely cheaper, but this is not something to go cheap on.

There are some complaints about fat loss from IPL because it damages the elastin layer. If you decide to go for a laser treatment, make sure you get all the information. You don't want to end up looking older and worse after spending that much money.