Inflammation and Rosacea

Inflammation is the underlying cause of rosacea. Grounding can be very effective to combat it.

I recently learned about grounding or bare-footing. The concept is that connecting with the electrical charge of the earth provides a negative charge to counteract free radicals in our bodies. It's a natural antioxidant  treatment that helps decrease inflammation.

Studies on grounding have shown a reduction in blood pressure and chronic joint pain. Since aging is nothing more than an accumulation of oxidative damage, grounding would help slow the aging process.

How can we connect with the earth? One way is to walk barefoot every day outside, especially if the ground is damp. That's great for people who live in the south on the beach. Think about how great you feel when you walk on the beach. It's like the sand massages your feet, but you feel better all over, too.

If you don't have a beachfront house (neither do I!), walking outside probably isn't something you can do daily, and walking barefoot inside will not have the same effect. Our flooring does not transmit the earth's energy, except for unsealed concrete.

An alternative is to buy a grounding pad or put grounding sheets on your bed. I have a grounding pad, and I stand on it or sleep with it at my feet. It wasn't expensive, so I figured if I didn't think it was working, I hadn't spent much. But I have found that I no longer have cold feet at night. My feet start out cold like they always have, but after a few minutes on the pad (which is not warm), my feet are warm. The grounding effect leads to better circulation, and I am a believer.


We can't ignore sugar as the worst pro-inflammatory food out there.  It's now being recognized that sugar causes a multitude of problems.  We even know now that cancer feeds on sugar, and if you deprive it of sugar, it disappears.  Same thing for rosacea!

If you can cut back on sugar in your diet, you will most likely see an improvement in your skin.  Sugar hides in a lot of foods, so the more natural, unprocessed you eat, the less sugar you're eating.  Don't fall for "juice" as being healthy because it's just concentrated sugar.  Fruit is fine as long as you don't eat fruit all day long.  Soda pop is a definite no since a typical can has about 30 g of sugar.  

If cutting back on sugar isn't enough, try curcumin supplements as well. And, of course, if you've noticed a particular food leads to an outbreak, avoid that as well.  

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