I Found a Cure!

by Scott Johnson
(Vancouver Canada)

I find that the biggest trigger for my flare ups is large consumption of alcohol and stress... I've tried everything to cure it, and surprisingly I have found a cure that works for me, so I thought I would share. The biggest thing is finding out what causes the flare ups.. for me it was heavy drinking and stress, so I have really toned down the booze and try to keep myself in a less stressful state of mind.. This alone has helped a lot, but to eliminate the Rosacea completely, took the daily practice of Hot Yoga.. I can't believe how much it helps, the Rosacea actually disappears within a couple days.. I think it has something to do with all the endorphins and the natural feel good chemicals the brain releases after and during Hot Yoga, it powers you up with something special that naturally heals any imbalances in the body.. I also think the amount of sweat that comes through your pores and the detoxification of all the body's unwanted poisons helps heal the skin. I get Rosacea on my face around my nose and forehead, after staying consistent with Hot Yoga the Rosacea disappears and I've noticed the skin on my face is now softer and I look healthier and younger.. even though I'm only 29. So in a nut shell, avoid what causes the flare ups as best you can and practice Hot Yoga. Cheers! Scott.

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